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Certified Data and Analytics Tester (DAU-CDAT) 

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Data & Analytics United - Certified Data & Analytics Tester  (DAU - CDAT) 

At Data & Analytics United, we recognize the importance and added value of (big) data and analysis in your business model. As the prioritization of data grows - we aim to increase the trust that can be enabled by testers when supplying and evaluating reliable, complete, and continuous on-time information delivery. 


DAU Certified Data & Analytics Tester has been designed for test engineers, test coordinators, business analysts, data leads, data warehouse developers and business intelligence consultants.

Day One

To kick-start the course, we will first explore the concepts of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data & Analytics, to ensure that we have a common basis for moving forward. From here we will dive into testing and test processes, focussing on the specifications required when testing data and analytics solutions. ​

Once the general knowledge basis is set we will explore Risk-Based Testing and the special skills that are required of the tester when dealing with data and analytics. Towards the end of the first day of training, we will tackle the concept of how to test reports and dashboards.

Day Two

During the first part of day two, we explore data & analytics testing while highlighting the differences from conventional testing. 

We target test specification techniques at the various categories:

  • Testing Business Rules

  • Testing Transformations (ETL).

  • Testing the Completeness of Data.

Participants learn how to apply Data Profiling in order to create better test cases and to cover the most relevant Data Quality attributes.

We also take a look at the following subjects, in relation to the requirements of data & analytics projects:

  • Test Environments.

  • Privacy and Ethics Aspects (GDPR).

  • Test Tools.


Data & Analytics United - Certified Data & Analytics Tester (DAU - CDAT)  has been designed for anyone looking to improve the quality of the (Big) data that is used in your data and analytics projects.

Although there aren't any mandatory prerequisites:

  • for Testers and QA Professionals: you will get a lot more from the course if you already hold the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certificate - as this course will not cover the fundamentals and terminology of testing. This practical certification course will take your understanding of testing a step further and provide you with a variety of approaches and techniques that are essential for data and analytics testing.​

  • for Business Analysists and BI Consultants: we recommend that you already have experience dealing with (big) data. 

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